Offered Training

Training Offered

We offer the following services:

  • Training of your staff on Project and Risk management
  • We create and develop a common methodology that can be used by all working in the organisation, thus creating a common language understood by all when dealing with Projects and Project risks.
  • Help facilitate Risk management activities within a business or institution.
  • Using existing Risk register or developing one to be discussed and work shopped with all stakeholders.
  • We facilitate and develop or integrate the creation of Lessons learned/Company database to improve future decision making on projects.
  • Measure project risk factors, possibility of success and failure before millions are invested. We give a realistic view of project risk and project plans.
  • We help people wanting to go into business try and understand the risks that are there, how to limit business exposure. And most importantly what to look out for before investing in a franchise .(new venture creation)
  • We project manage a wide range of projects with in the different sectors of industry and government.

As Facilitators, Assessors, Moderators and being professionally registered with the PMI (Project Management Institution) This institution is the world leader in setting world class project Management Best Practise. There is a code of conduct one must adhere to as a member of this International Organisation. “Well planned, trained and facilitated risk sessions will reduce Risk on project and ensure project delivery, thus meeting budget and getting staff buy in resulting in efficiency and profitability.”


What to consider when selecting training or services offered by Project Management providers

  • Methodology or Project Management Standards
  • Recognition / use of practice / methodology by the world ( international community)
  • Local versus International accreditation
  • Is the training/facilitator a registered Project management professional
  • Is the training/facilitator accredited with the relevant SETA
  • What work or corporate experience do they have.