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The project management course (CAPM and PMP) provided by PIPP gives a lot of insight into the subject matter. As a programme manager I have learnt a lot especially about things that I could have done better in my programme.A take from this course, concepts and ideas that I will definitely implement going forward. The principles of Project Management taught in the course are easy to understand and can be implemented in any organisation.Having attended a few project management courses I can surely say PIPP provides one of the best, if not the best course in Project Management

Sepanki Pheto, Hungwe UAS Programme Manager

Thank you so much for the “Congrats”, but more so for the support and guidance that lead to me getting my PMP.

To those  who are thinking about going through PIPP, I can most certainly give them the thumbs up and encourage you to strongly consider going through them for your bootcamp class.
PIPP has a different method to prep you and you never feel like work is just dumped on you and you’re left to fend for yourself. There is communication and support through your online training material, through your bootcamp classes, right up until you write your exam.

I would most certainly be recommending PIPP to my friends and colleagues when their ready to do their PMP.

Kathleen Moonsamy PMP, Project Manager - Nielsen Group

“Easy peasy stuff!!!”?. I Guess this phrase is only applicable when you are well prepared.

My Journey into PMP certification began in February 2016. After being knocked down with my first attempt, thats when i discovered Mr Zim. My second attempt was “Easy peasy stuff”.
Thank you for the preparations it was awesome and easy to follow instructions. The exam was a bit challenging, however the thorough prep allowed me to relax and tackle it.

YEEEEEEPY I made it.

Thank you once more

Tshifhiwa Lisbeth Manwatha, PMI-CAPM/PMP

I have to commend and express my gratitude to you for helping me achieve my PMP Certification. The journey that you took us through during the training and preparation made all the difference. Getting the PMP was not easy and there is quite a lot of information to study, but your approach during the boot camp, and the easy to understand materials made it all possible to pass both the CAPM exam and the PMP exam first time around while many said it could not be done. I am currently applying the knowledge acquired through this training in all the projects that I’m working on and it is quite helpful, I am a far better PM now than I was before the PMP certification. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to be practising in the field of Project Management. Thank you so much!

Aphiwe Gqokonqana, PMI-PMP

Hello Zimele,


Thanks for leading me on the correct path to attaining the PMP.


I researched for possible organisations that offered course and found a few organisations on the internet. Somebody gave me PIPP’s details and I called Zimele. During our conversation I realised this guy knew what he was talking about. I explained my situation and he instantly came up with a programme for success. Even though the course was slightly more expensive than the other courses I decided to go for quality, and it paid off. After listening to the testimony from people who took the cheaper options and Failed, I know I made the correct choice.


I have recommended PIPP to all my colleagues who will be attempting the PMP exam in the future.


To those who are ready, the PIPP method works, it is just up to you to follow the programme with diligence and discipline. Good luck with you attaining the PMP and all the success with your future endeavours.

Jay Govender, Project Engineer - Sasol Group Technology