History of the Organisation

PIPP Project Management and Consulting was formally registered as a Close Corporation in 2005.

The organization was opened to take advantage of opportunities in Project Management and construction development industries. To train /consult and participate in skilling government/municipalities/private corporate institution/and SMMEs in Risk and Project management and new venture creation and management.

As the country develops one would like to participate in the opportunities as infrastructure and development happens, given the limited skills available. We feel given the many years spent in the Financial services sector one has experience to help in service delivery and skilling/empowering of citizens, giving candidates hard skills of project management. The Project Executive is registered professionally with the PMI institution, which is the biggest internationally recognised project management institution. Our key competencies are Project Risk Management and Project Management.

About the Organisation

Training and providing Consulting services

The organisation not only believes in making sustainable profit but holds and believes in best practise project management. That is projects on time, within budget and best quality to the customer /ciient.

Organisational Philosophy

The organisation has two basic philosophies

  1. “Plan once, plan again, do risk analysis and then deliver a quality product/service on time”.
  2. “We will either find a way, or we will make one”



Our client:

To take the clients scope/mandate and make it a reality at the highest quality given a set budget.

By using latest technology/tools/techniques  and corporate experience, knowledge and skill.
Apply practical solutions to real business and social challenges.

Our community:

Being South African and having grown up here one is able to understand and feel the real issues that affect our communities. This also allows one to truly understand and identify sustainable and profitable projects. We hope to deliver product/services that will truly benefit and empower the community/clients.

Our Employees:

As a professional service we have kept the staff compliment to the bear bone until we have better revenues. We do work with other companies as associates/JVs on project requirements. As full time and part time staff compliment grows we will ensure continual learning and improvement. Exploring the latest and most effective technologies as part of our product offering and tools.

Organisational Vision

Short term:

  • To increase and broaden our presence to our target market
  • To better understand the short term objectives of corporates/private and government structures
  • To be part of the global Project Management community
  • To build more profitable JVs/relationships with current and new associates,

Medium Term:

  • To build a reputation in the industry of an organization that is professional and delivers good quality projects.( on time and on budget)

Long term:

“To be the preferred service provider by Industry and Government alike”,


We are a broad sector Project Management focused business, focusing mainly on Project and Risk management activities. As a professional Risk and project management company we would like to offer and empower others with these skills.